Don’t buy new windows until you read this!

Don’t buy new windows until you read this!

Thinking of making an investment in energy efficient windows in Florida? There’s some important information you need to know.

Double paned, energy efficient windows are neither indigenous, nor designed for the tropics. Jungle-like climates like the one here in Florida can have significant circumstances with these types of windows. If you ever visit the Caribbean nations, double paned windows will be hard to find.

The reason for this, primarily, is because double paned windows are designed to insulate heat, not so much to reject it. This makes them ideal for cold weather climates, but not as much in the humid conditions of Florida. Also, the extreme heat in Florida wears on the seal (black rubber lip inside the frame) and greatly reduces the seal failure warranty of the window to 10, or in some cases, 15 years (typically 30 years up north).  Ironically, the average return on investment is around 15 years for a central Florida homeowner, meaning as the investment is paying itself off, the windows will be in need of replacement from seal failure.

So why do these windows sell so well in Florida? The most logical theory would suggest that the large number of northern transplants to the area are easily duped into believing that the same windows they had in their previous home up north will be required in the south. Unfortunately, window companies are more than willing to go along with this misconception.

Alternatively, EnerLogic window film from Vista and installed by Glass Protection Specialists of Orlando, FL is far less expensive to install and saves more energy. The result? a 3-5 year payback instead of a 15 year, and a product with a lifetime warranty instead of a 10 -15 year warranty.

The following link: will guide you through a breif demonstration of the product. By taking a few minutes to fill out an estimate request form in our website, GPS will be happy to assist you in composing a cost analysis for your consideration. Or call us at 407-331-3456.